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As some of you may know, inclusive language and representation are something that I am quite passionate about. Understandably, it may be difficult to keep up with ever-evolving changes in language. To make things a little easier, I put together a condensed list of some of my personal favourite links and articles that I originally began as a project for the student reations committee of Editors Canada.

Conscious Style Guide

Radical Copy Editor Style Guide

Becoming Aware of Insensitive Language — and Avoid Using It

Ask a Radical Copyeditor: Black with a Capital “B”

The Case for Black With a Capital B

The Discussion on Capitalizing the ‘B’ in ‘Black’ Continues


Elements of Indigenous Style: A Guide for Writing By and About Indigenous Peoples

NPR Code Switch: Race in Your Face

The Singular “They” — Conjugations and Some Particularities

Plain Language to Minimize Cognitive Load: A Social Justice Perspective

Sanism and the Language of Mental Illness

Disabled People or People with Disabilities?

The False Divide Between “Well Educated” and “Less Educated”

Re-Humanizing Immigrant Communities in the Age of Trump: 5 Language Practices

Covering Poverty: What to Avoid and How to Get It Right

Writing The Other

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