A Queer Immigrant Story: My Polish “Homecoming”

A brief exploration of diasporic queer identity and "homecoming" expectations. My personal homecoming coincided with rising homophobia and xenophobia resulting from the election and subsequent re-election of the ultra-conservative PiS party, with severe reprecussions for the queer community. Despite this, many local activists, as well as the general public, continue to work tirelessly and hope remains. It's important to note that this is written from an outsider perspective; I am in no way an expert on what has been happening in the community over the years, in addition to my complicated ties to the country itself. Unfortunately, this is a glimpse into a larger wave of worldwide intolerance, to which Canada has not been immune. All three of my "homes" have shaped my identity, and they remain an integral part of my life, despite their flaws.

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