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Natalia Iwanek

Hi there!

I am a Toronto-based freelance copy editor, proofreader, and content writer. 

As an editor, I work with a variety of texts, including books, articles, resumes, websites, blogs and more! 

As a content writer, my work can be seen in a variety of publications, including Matador NetworkThe VoicePassion Passport, The Editors' WeeklyBoldFace, GoNomad, and BootsnAll. I am thrilled to announce that I was recently awarded the Silver prize for one of my Matador Network pieces from the North American Travel Journalists Association.

I am a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Editing Certificate Program and have also attended Ste. Anne’s University, York University, and Athabasca University.

I have recently graduated from the Plain Language Certificate program because I am a strong believer in making texts accessible to all. (I am also obviously a proponent of lifelong learning!) :)

On a more personal note, I was raised in Toronto and have lived all over Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, as well as Guatemala, Poland, and Argentina. 

My background has allowed me the immense privilege of becoming multilingual. I am a native speaker of English and Ukrainian, with intermediate Spanish skills, and beginner skills in Polish and French. I edit solely in English, but welcome communication in these languages!

My rates depend on the project and type of editing required and are based on industry standards.​

Learn a little more about me here, view my resume here, and do not hesitate to contact me for more information at natalia@nataliaiwanekediting.com 

* All photography by Marta Iwanek.



Tricks of the Trade

Keyboard and Mouse


Focusing on improving and shaping the organization/content of a work
First stage of the editorial process
Revisions, order changes, reducing, or expanding material
Clarifying meaning, improving flow, smoothing language
Clarifying plot, characters, theme
Revisions, order changes, reducing, or expanding material

Laptop Writing


Focusing on accuracy, consistency, correctness, and completeness in a text
Ensuring proper use of  grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Ensuring continuity of facts, names, and relationships
Correcting tables, lists, figures, and headings
Correcting/changing citation style
Correcting syntax and content errors

Keyboard and Mouse


Focusing on clarifying meaning, refining language, ensuring flow
Ensuring appropriate language level for purpose, audience, medium
Adjusting author’s voice, tone, mood, style, formality
Replacing jargon and clichés
Adjusting the length and structure of sentences and paragraphs

Laptop Writing


Final review/edit after layout and before publication
Correcting minor spelling and design errors
Ensuring consistency and correctness in page numbers and graphs



Toronto, Ontario

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